Wild caught fish from pristine
Aotearoa, New Zealand

Pelco NZ are a privately owned and operated Māori family business that has been fishing for over 25 years in the Bay of Plenty. As the sole operator of a domestic purse seine fleet in New Zealand, we target small pelagic fish species including jack mackerel, blue mackerel, kahawai, skipjack tuna, and trevally.

Wild caught fish

Pelco NZ export over 95% of our product, selling the remaining fish locally. Over 98% of our exported product is sold to be eaten.

One of our key markets is West Africa (Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Còte d'Ivoire and Guinea) where our fish is sold as an affordable source of protein to the indigenous people.

The fish is eaten whole, and the packaging is often resourcefully used for flooring, thatching, lining and fuel for fire.