Our Fishing Methods

Puraho māku, kei ngaure o mahi
To catch fish, you must place your basket in the water

We’re proud to be purse seine fishers

Purse seine fishing is a low impact, precise and selective method of fishing.

Historically, up to five different companies operated purse seine vessels in New Zealand. Today, Pelco is the only operator of inshore purse seine vessels in New Zealand.

Our purse seine method

When the skipper finds a school of fish, they identify the species and sizes before the nets are even deployed by using underwater cameras, jigging lines or braillers. If the species and sizes are right, the skiff (a small boat) is launched and takes one end of the net around the school and back to the boat.

The nets are then set on the ocean surface and have little to no contact with the seafloor, minimizing greatly the impact on the benthic marine environment. The ends of the net are pursed together, like a drawstring bag, and pulled alongside the boat. The fish is then pumped onboard the boat into refrigerated holds.

This method is a low impact, environmentally responsible fishing technique that also provides high quality fish compared to other methods of fishing.

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We minimize our environmental impact by targeting quick growth, high-numbered and stable species (see Product). We also heavily invest in research and management to ensure the stocks remain healthy (see Sustainable Fishing).

We love that the purse seine method aligns with one of our founding core values of maintaining a healthy and thriving fishery for current and future generations.