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About - Pelco NZ Limited


We are a privately owned and operated company based in one of New Zealands best sea side cities - Mount Maunganui.

The branding of our product is highlighted by the company's logo. The significance of our logo is the nautilus shell, coupled with the koru. The nautilus shell represents everlasting - the koru, new beginnings and also the link to New Zealand.

The blue in the logo represents the waves, signifying the association the company has with fishing.

First and foremost, Pelco NZ is a fish processing company. We believe our business is based on the principle high quality of the product we process - it is only from this principle that we can build our brand and customer loyalty.

Our interest in contracting or investing in fishing vessels is to ensure a steady supply of fish for what we are well know for - processing. It is crucial to understand and communicate with commercial fishermen well.



Shark Finning Policy

Pelco supports international efforts to stop the illegal, unreported and unregulated harvesting of sharks, and condemns the practice of shark finning (the removal of fins from a shark and discarding the carcass at sea).

New Zealand has adopted a National Plan of Action-Sharks, which sets the direction to ensure the conservation, management and sustainable utilisation of sharks caught in New Zealand waters. The National Plan includes a ban on the practice of shark finning. Pelco unreservedly supports this initiative.

Our Shark Finning Policy is available here.


Tuna Retention Policy

Pelco is a member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) and supports the requirements for full retention of tuna on board purse seine vessels.

Our Tuna Retention Policy is avalilable here


FAD Free Policy

Pelco does not support the practice of using Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).

Our FAD Free Policy is available here

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Pelco New Zealand Limited
is located in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

Mt Maunganui is New Zealand's favourite summer holiday destination with its white sandy surf beach on the ocean side, and a safe sheltered inner harbour beach.

Mount Maunganui is also the name of the extinct volcano which rises above the beautiful Mount Maunganui surf beach.